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 2005: French-Lao cooperation project (French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs / Lao Ministryof Information and Culture): Priority Solidarity Funds "Vat Phou-Champasak, enhancement and development of the historical and cultural heritage" (FSP 2005-75).
Objectives of the project (budget of 1 million euros):
- Institutional support for the creation of a body specialized in the management of the site.
- Scientific, technical and administrative staff training.
- Development of the site and enhancement of its economic value.

2006: Restoration project for the temple of Nandin by the Italian mission.


2008 : Within the framework of the FSP 2002-75 project: restoration of the northern hall of the southern quadrangle (palace).




2009: Within the framework of the FSP 2005-75 project, cultural project on the intangible heritage of Champasak:

Rediscovery of the Champasak Shadow Puppet Theatre and organization of a theatre tour in the villages of the district of Champasak, accompanied by Cinema Tuk-tuk (projection of black and white films).
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2009: Within the framework of the FSP 2005-75 project:

Layout of the Sala and surroundings of Vat Phou site
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2009: Restoration project for the northern palace by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)
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2010: Restoration project for the southern palace, with Jean-Marc Houlteau, stonemason.

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2011 : Restoration project for the southern quadrangle (palace), with Jean-Marc Simon-Bernardini and Johann Gautreau, stonemasons.

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2012: Opening ceremony of the northern porch of southern quadrangle and closing ceremony of the French FSP project

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2014 : Non-intrusive stone analyses, by Professor Christian Fischer.

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Smoke-Free Area

Sights from Vat Phou

Hours & Admission

Open everyday:
8:00 am - 6:00 pm for the site
- 8:00 am 4:30 pm for the museum
(Ticket fee includes site entrance, museum entrance and electric car service.)

50 000 LAK

for Lao people: 20 000 LAK 


Possibility of visiting the site outside opening hours.
More details at: Hours & Admission.


This website has been produced within the framework  of French – Lao Cooperation Project: " Priority Solidarity Funds -  Vat Phou Champasak: Enhancement and development of the historical and cultural site".


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