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Books edited by Vat Phou

List of books edited by Vat Phou / FSP / EFEO :

All of this books are available at the museum of Vat Phou and Monument Books shops (Vientiane, Luang-Prabang-Pakse)

livre1   livre2

Museum collections of Vat Phou - (Francais - English)

   Guide book about Vat Phou  ( Francais - English) 
 livre3   Livre4
 Autour de Vat Phou - Exploration et recherches (francais)    Les fouilles de Vat Phou - (Francais - Lao)
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6th ICM 2018

6th International coordination meeting at Vat Phou - champasak

Bounlap Keokagna

Mr Bounlap, in memoriam

Claude Jacques

Professor Claude Jacques, in memoriam

8 Trails around Vat Phou

Archaeological, cultural and natural trails in Champasak district

Our Common Heritage

Exploring the World Heritage sites in Cambodia, Laos and Viet Nam

Awareness raising campaign

on Environment during Vat Phou Festival 2018.

Map Vat Phou and Around - Pierre Pichard - EFEO - 1992

WHO World Heritage
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