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The mission consisted within the framework of the landscaping of the entrance of the site of Vat Phou, to train the gardener team to the landscaped plantation methods and to the maintenance of flowers and trees. It was also necessary to draw the main lines of site management  plan. The first days were focused on pull up and plant the present vegetables on the site, using the classic techniques of plantation (work of the ground, the hole of plantation in touch with the clod, the dressing of roots, washbasin of watering, paillage with the ball of rice). These techniques not using by the team, the gardeners reproduced quickly and properly all the gestures. We worked then on the cleaning of trees. These first works allowed team to acquire techniques indispensable to the implementation of the project, drawn by Thai Vipakorn Thumwimol, a Landscape Architect, who joined us on the project.

The plantation project had to make this place pleasant for the public by planting the immediate neighborhoods, and also by hiding the unsightly sights surrounding (water tower, transformer, little maintained road).
Flowery and perfumed vegetables have been choosen to be plant near the shop: Gardenia, Héliconia, Bougainvillaea, Piléa, Tree of the traveler, Rhapis. Various trees were planted in the wider spaces: Coconut palms, Aréquiers, Pléropus, and of numerous Frangipani trees. 
The second part of the mission consisted of the management plan site development. Even if , Vipakorn, Kam-Seng Responsible for the Technical Unity of the Landscape Management and myself were able to draw  the main lines, a management plan entails a clever analysis of the site, taking into account all the historic parameters, the use of the site, and the staff. 

We, thus, presented a plan improving the operating to the administration :
·     Cutting down of the exogenous teaks which invade the zone of temples 
·     Put in pasture of plains 
·     Improvement of the network of watering 
·     Concentration of the strength on the temples area 
·     Collection of the garbage and the stop of burn
·     Observation of the big ageing trees (mangoes and frangipani trees)

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