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opening ceremony northen porch and closing FSP 2005-2012 (2)

December 6, 2012, the opening of the northern porch northern from South quadrangle and the closing ceremony of the French project "FSP" (Priority Solidarity Fund) took place in presence of

M. Savankhone Rasmontry - vice ministor of information, culture and tourism,
M. Dr Bounthong Divixay - vice gouvernor of Champasak province,
M. Viengkeo Souksavathdi - vice director of heritage department,
M. Khamphot Lienekéo - Vice chairman of Champasak district,
M. Seunh Phetsanghan - counselor of vice prime ministor,
M. Khankham Kenbouta - director of Vat Phu,
M. Yves Carmona - French ambassador in Laos,
M. Yves Dauge - Former member of the Senate of France
M.Jean-Pierre Galand and M. Benoit Bonaimé - attachés culturels of french Ambassy,
M. Jean-charles Castel - French Project Manager of FSP 2012-2017


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 Northern porch of
the south quadrangle
 M.l'ambassadeur Yves Carmona  Commemorative tablet


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